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Values, mission, vision

The Labour Inspectorate of Estonia is a government agency operating within the area of governance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications that exercises supervision and applies state coercive measures on grounds and within the limits as provided by law

The main tasks of the Labour Inspectorate are to: implement the work environment policy; exercise supervision over compliance with the legislative requirements regulating occupational health and safety and labour relations in the work environment; exercise supervision over compliance with the requirements and restrictions on the economic activities of undertakings providing employment intermediation and temporary agency workforce intermediation services; inform the general public, employees and employers about the risks and hazards in the work environment, settle labour disputes and conduct conciliation procedures in a body for extra-judicial labour dispute settlement proceedings.

Our mission is to provide security in employment relationships and prevent occupational accidents.

We want Estonia to have clear employment relations and a safe and healthy working environment.

Core values

  • Professional – we are proficient, competent, diligent, impartial and dedicated to our work.
  • Reliable – we keep our promises, support and feel our responsibility; we are precise, clear and transparent; we treat everyone equally, we value all opinions, we are committed to creating a good working environment in Estonia.
  • Solution-oriented – we look for solutions and prevent problems; we achieve our goals through flexible cooperation, a professional and innovative approach, and understanding our responsibility to society.

Last updated: 24.07.2023