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Values, mission, vision

The Labor Inspectorate is your assistant in your working life. Our wish is for clear labor relations and a safe and health-sustaining work environment in Estonia. Every year, we check the safety of the workplaces of nearly 100,000 employees and give advice by e-mail and telephone on 40,000 occasions. In addition, we help resolve nearly 2,000 labor disputes a year, the total amount of which was nearly 9 million euros in 2022.

The Labour Inspectorate of Estonia is a government agency operating within the area of governance of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications that exercises supervision and applies state coercive measures on grounds and within the limits as provided by law.

The main tasks of the Labour Inspectorate are to: implement the work environment policy; exercise supervision over compliance with the legislative requirements regulating occupational health and safety and labour relations in the work environment; exercise supervision over compliance with the requirements and restrictions on the economic activities of undertakings providing employment intermediation and temporary agency workforce intermediation services; inform the general public, employees and employers about the risks and hazards in the work environment, settle labour disputes and conduct conciliation procedures in a body for extra-judicial labour dispute settlement proceedings.

Our mission is to provide security in employment relationships and prevent occupational accidents.

We want Estonia to have clear employment relations and a safe and healthy working environment.

Core values

  • Professional – we are proficient, competent, diligent, impartial and dedicated to our work.
  • Reliable – we keep our promises, support and feel our responsibility; we are precise, clear and transparent; we treat everyone equally, we value all opinions, we are committed to creating a good working environment in Estonia.
  • Solution-oriented – we look for solutions and prevent problems; we achieve our goals through flexible cooperation, a professional and innovative approach, and understanding our responsibility to society.

The Labour Inspectorate’s green/sustainability principles

The purpose of the green/sustainability principles of the Labour Inspectorate’s Green Office is to raise the environmental awareness of the institution’s servants, promote environmental sustainability, foster environmental management, and develop the appropriate skills. We raise environmental awareness by changing our everyday habits in the working environment.

The implementation of the green/sustainability principles of the Labour Inspectorate’s Green Office is a continuous process to which everyone contributes.

  1. We use heating in a resource and energy-efficient manner.
  2. Where possible, we use eco-friendly means of transport (eg bicycle, scooter, skateboard), carpool, use public transport or walk.
  3. We prefer tap water to bottled drinks! We do not keep the tap running for no reason.
  4. We prefer reusable dishes.
  5. We prefer fresh and seasonal local food!
  6. When leaving the room last, we switch off the lights.
  7. We recycle materials and products! We think about whether it is more reasonable to buy or rent.
  8. We reduce waste and prefer products without excess packaging. We consume as little as necessary.
  9. Where possible, we save paper and do not print. We clean up digital waste regularly.
  10. We sort waste properly:
    • paper and cardboard
    • municipal waste
    • bio-waste
    • mixed packaging (glass, metal, and plastic)
    • hazardous waste
    • batteries
    • deposit-subjected packaging
  11. We prefer eco-labelled products when cleaning.
  12. We gift experiences and quality time.
  13. We involve all our employees in the implementation of the Green Office principles. We are environmentally aware, educate ourselves and motivate others.


Vaimset tervist väärtustav organisatsioon - An organisation that values mental health

The Labour Inspectorate is one of the 126 organisations presented the label of an organisation that values mental health by, which was awarded for the first time in 2023. This recognition shows that the organisation values the mental well-being of its employees and takes conscious steps to maintain people’s health. The Labour Inspectorate was awarded the bronze level of the label.

Aasta HR sõber - HR Friend of the Year

On 28 February 2023, 550 people participated in the EHRS Summit organised by the Estonian HR Society where winners of the HR Awards were announced in five categories for the first time: HR Volunteer, HR Solution, HR Friend, HR Team, and HR Act. The winners were:  the new leave policy of Wise (former Transferwise) in the HR Act category, the HR department of Lidl Eesti in the HR Team category, Vitalina Lomatchenko (Maxima) in the HR Volunteer category, Stebby in the HR Solution category, and the Labour Inspectorate in the HR Friend category.

Tööõnnelikud inimesed - Work-happy people.

After conducting a well-being survey in the organisation, HappyMe awarded us the Work-happy people label.

Kaugtöö Tegija - Remote Working Badge

The Labour Inspectorate was awarded the Remote Working Badge in 2018, which aims to recognise enterprises using remote work practices in Estonia. The badge is valid for three years, after which enterprises can reapply and introduce their progress in remote work practices. A total of 31 enterprises were awarded the badge in 2018. All these organisations can use the badge on their websites and other materials. The Remote Working Badge is a project launched by the Smartwork Association and its partners to promote remote work in Estonia and to recognise enterprises that offer remote work opportunities to their employees.

Austame erinevusi - Respecting Differences.

On 21 March 2018, 17 Estonian enterprises and organisations, including the Labour Inspectorate, were awarded the Respecting Differences diversity label. The diversity label is a quality label showing that a company is an attractive employer, welcoming talent regardless of their gender or background. It also sends a values-based message to clients and partners that the company cares about Estonia and the world and is doing its part to improve it. The diversity label was created in cooperation between the Estonian Human Rights Centre and the Ministry of Social Affairs. The label is connected to the Estonian Diversity Charter, which has been signed by nearly 100 Estonian organisations.

Last updated: 22.11.2023