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In Estonia, the liaison office for employees is the Labour Inspectorate. The Labour Inspectorate is a government agency operating in the area of government of the Ministry of Social Affairs, which exercises state supervision and applies state enforcement on the bases and to the extent prescribed by law.

Labour Inspectorate
Mäealuse 2/3, 12618 Tallinn Estonia
Phone: +372 640 6000
E-mail address: [email protected]

The main tasks of the Labour Inspectorate are the implementation of work environment policy, state supervision over compliance with the requirements of legislation on occupational health and safety and employment relations in the working environment, informing the public, employees and employers about the dangers of the work environment and resolving labor disputes in an extrajudicial labor dispute body.

The Labour Inspectorate performs state supervision of the conditions of employment of posted workers in Estonia and responds to reasoned requests for information about laws, other legal acts, and extended collective agreements that apply to posted workers. In addition, the Labour Inspectorate manages the exchange of information with other EU member states.

The Labour Inspectorate provides free counselling services to both employees and employers. If you have any questions regarding the registration of employees posted to Estonia or the working conditions of employees posted to Estonia, you can contact a counselling lawyer or work environment consultant of the Labour Inspectorate. The counselling lawyer answers questions related to employment relations, the work environment consultant answers questions related to work environment safety and occupational health.

The Labour Inspectorate currently provides counselling services by telephone (+372 640 6000) and via e-mail ([email protected]). The counselling lawyers and work environment consultants can be contacted in Estonian, English and Russian. In order to receive an answer in English or Russian, please indicate the preferred language in your request.

The counselling service of the Labour Inspectorate is free of charge.

In addition to the Labour Inspectorate, the following state agencies also deal with the issues of posted workers in their respective spheres of competence:

Useful information about conditions of employment and residence abroad is provided by the European jobs network EURES (European Employment Services). More information can be found on the EURES websites and

Counselling services are provided by the following agencies:

Posting information of other countries

  • Information fields in other countries are available on the official website of the European Union.
  • More detailed information about requirements for the conditions of employment of posted workers is available from the liaison agency for posted workers of the destination country. 
  • Liaison offices for posted workers in other countries can be found HERE.

Last updated: 10.02.2023