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Contacts and work areas of Labour Dispute Committees

Dear parties and attendants of the Labour Dispute.

We are making sure that all the hearings are carried out in a manner, which guarantees the health and safety of all participants. The hearings will only take place if the safety of all participants can be guaranteed. The Labour Dispute Committe will contact all the involved parties with the details, if, when and how the hearing will take place.

Applications to the Labour Dispute Committe must be sent to the email address or via the customer portal eTI. The application may also be submitted via mail at Riia 142, Tartu 50411

Labour Dispute Committee of Tallinn

  • Mäealuse 2/3, 12618 Tallinn

Jurisdiction: Tallinn, Harjumaa, Läänemaa, Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Raplamaa.

The Labour Dispute Committe of Tallinn also carries out hearings at the following locations:

  • Rapla, Tallinna mnt.14
  • Haapsalu, Lahe 8 
  • Kuressaare, Lossi 12, Tallinna mnt 22
  • Kärdla, Leigri väljak 5

Labour Dispute Committe of Tartu

  • Riia 142, Tartu 50411

Jurisdiction: Tartumaa, Põlvamaa, Valgamaa, Võrumaa, Jõgevamaa.

The Labour Dispute Committe of Tartu also carries out hearings at the following locations: 

  • Põlva, Kesk 20 
  • Võru, Lembitu 2a
  • Valga, Vabaduse 26
  • Jõgeva, Suur 3

Labour Dispute Committe of Pärnu

  • Suur-Jõe 63, 80042 Pärnu

Tööpiirkond: Pärnumaa, Järvamaa, Viljandimaa.

The Labour Dispute Committe of Pärnu also carries out hearings at the following locations: 

  • Paide, Tallinna 18
  • Viljandi, Lossi 19
  • Tartu, Riia 142

Labour Dispute Committe of Jõhvi

  • Keskväljak 1, 41594 Jõhvi

Jurisdiction: Ida-Virumaa, Lääne-Virumaa.

The Labour Dispute Committe of Jõhvi also carries out hearings at the following locations: 

  • Narva, Grafovi 21
  • Rakvere, Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi 5/1


With regard to the risk of COVID-19:

At the sessions of labour dispute committee, the requirement to disperse is followed and all participants are required to disinfect their hands and wear a mask that covers both the nose and mouth.

The Government of the Republic Order No. 305 establishes national measures and restrictions which apply to public spaces and activities laid down in the order.

Pursuant to clause 8 of the order, people are required to wear a protective mask in public indoor spaces. The labour dispute committee organises its work in such a way as to ensure the safety of all parties and the labour dispute committee in the resolution of labour disputes. A mask must be worn by all when attending a session of the labour dispute committee. It is required to wear a mask both in the waiting room and at the session. All persons attending a session of the labour dispute committee are required to wear a mask: members of the committee (chairman, lay assessors, secretary-desk officer) and other participants (petitioner, opposing party).

We use either surgical or FFP2 masks. A surgical mask protects other people when you are ill, whereas the FFP2 mask protects you when you come in contact with an infected person.

The secretary-desk officer of the committee must be informed when you have come in contact with an infected person or have fallen ill (contact information in the summons). In such an event, the Chairman of the Labour Dispute Committee will decide when and how the session is to be held.

Where possible, sessions held in a virtual conference format should be preferred. Pursuant to subsection 421 (1) of the Labour Dispute Resolution Act, a labour dispute committee may hold a session in full or in part as a procedural conference, i.e., virtually. We kindly ask the parties to indicate their wish to use this option when filing the petition or by informing the secretary-desk officer of the labour dispute committee.