Calling the number- 640 6000 - you will get information about issues related to implementation of legal acts under the supervision of the Labour Inspectorate. Lawyers give answers to questions concerning employment contracts, working and rest time, holidays, wages, safety at work, as well as collective labour relations. Calling infoline you will not get answers and solutions to disagreements arisen in the work environment.

In more complex issues requiring in-depth explanation  we advise you to contact the relevant regional office of the Labour Inspectorate and make an appointment with a lawyer.

Don't hesitate asking to speak in English. If the the lawyer doesn't speak English, he/she will redirect you to an English-speaking lawyer.

Recommendations before calling the infoline:

  • Make yourself the question to what a you want an answer clear before you call;

  • Try to formulate the question as clearly as possible;

  • Ask one question at a time and listen to the answer;

  • Listen to the respondent`s detailed questions;

  • Ask only what you really need to know;

  • Avoid calling at the request of someone, or recommended him to call himself;

  • Avoid a long explanation of the background associated with the problem, to give others an opportunity to call as well;

  • Do not start a discussion with the respondent;

The infoline works every weekday from 9:00 to 16:30

The lawyers infoline is financed by the European Social Fund.