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Values, Mission, Vision

The Labour Inspectorate of Estonia is a government agency in the area of governance of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The main tasks of the Labour Inspectorate are implementation of work environment policy, national supervision of requirements of legal acts regulating health and safety at work and labour relations in the work environment, notification of the general public, employees and employers about hazards in the work environment, and resolution of individual labour disputes at an extra-judicial labour dispute resolution body.



  • With inspection activity and informing the general public we help contribute to improvement of the quality of working life.



  • The Labour Inspectorate is a reliable and dignified national authority, the aim and activities of which are clear and transparent to clients.

  • We have an overview of work environment and the situation of accidents at work and work-related accidents in Estonia.

  • The Labour Inspectorate is an active provider with information concerning labour relations and work environment.

  • The training and information events, organised by us, consider the needs of our clients and are of high quality.

  • Inspectors are competent and render advice on improvement of work environment and communicate best practices. However, inspectors are demanding and consistent eliminating essential shortcomings. Effective work arrangement enables inspectors to have a better overview of what is taking place.

  • Working at the Labour Inspectorate is rewarding, we have a friendly staff with positive attitude to life, our conditions of work are good and our work is interesting and well-organised.

  • We are open to innovation; we actively exchange information with international organisations in the field and Labour Inspectorates of other countries.


Core values

  • Competence

  • Consideration

  • Ethics

  • Innovation