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Free counselling

The Labour Inspectorate provides counselling services by telephone, e-mail, and at the offices of the local inspectorate of the Labour Inspectorate. The counselling service of the Labour Inspectorate is free of charge. Counselling takes place mainly in the form of individual counselling. The adviser of the Labour Inspectorate is impartial and reliable. The counselling is confidential, i.e. information obtained in the course of the consultations is not disclosed without the consent of the parties, except in cases prescribed by law.

The helpline 640 6000 provides information on issues arising from the implementation of legislation supervised by the Labour Inspectorate. A lawyer answers questions concerning the employment contract, working and rest time, leave, remuneration, safety of the working environment, as well as collective employment relationships.

The helpline does not answer or provide solutions to disagreements in employment relationships. For more complex questions and callers who need further clarification, it is recommended to contact the local inspectorate or send the question in writing to The lawyer answers the written questions as soon as possible, but not later than within 30 days. 

The helpline 640 6000 is open every working day from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. You can find the reception hours of the Labour Inspectorate here.


Recommendations for calling the helpline:

  • make sure you know what question you need an answer to before you call the helpline;
  • try to formulate the question as clearly as possible when calling;
  • ask one question at a time and listen to the answer;
  • listen to the clarifying questions you are asked;
  • ask only what you really need to know;
  • avoid calling at someone’s request; advise them to call the helpline themselves;
  • avoid long explanations to give others a chance to call the helpline;
  • do not enter into a discussion with the person you are talking to.