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Notification of the Labour Inspectorate

Please submit applications, statements and requests to theLabour Inspectorate by e-mail (with a digital signature), by mail, or leave in a sealed envelope at the reception or at the front desk.


Health and Safety at Work

Enterprises must notify the Labour Inspectorate of:

  • Appointment of a work environment specialist (in a free form);

  • Appointment of a work environment representative (in a free form);

  • Appointment of a work environment council (in a free form);

  • Annual Work Environment Report by 1 December (in a free form);

  • Commencement of asbestos works;

  • Handling of carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals;

  • Handling of biological agents;

  • Commencement of work with biological agents of 2., 3. and 4. hazard division for the first time;

  • Use of genetically modified  microorganisms (GMMO) for the first time (2. hazard division GMMO);

  • Accidents at the use of GMMOs.


The employer must immediately notify the secretary of the respective regional office of the Labour Inspectorate of a serious or fatal accident at work. The employer is obliged to investigate all accidents at work, to prepare accident report within 10 working days and submit it to the regional office of the Labour Inspectorate within 3 working days. 

Notification forms and examples of statements can be found here


Statement on Infringement

Statements on diferent infringements can be submitted to the Labour Inspectorate. Statement to the Labour Inspectorate (DOC) (NB! Not to be submitted a Labour Dispute Committee!).

Please send your statement to the Labour Inspectorate, contact details can be found here


Application to a Labour Dispute Committee

Applications of labour disputes are accepted by Labour Dispute Committees (digitally signed application is to be sent by in two copies or handed over during reception hours). More information on preparing the application can be found here.


Application to recruit a minor

An employer is required to submit an application to the local office of the Labour Inspectorate if he wants to recruit a minor aged 7–14. The application for consent is registered and forwarded to a labour inspector-lawyer for proceeding. The labour inspector-lawyer verifies the conditions of work for the minor and makes a decision within 10 working days.

The application to permit a minor aged 7-14 to work must contain the following information:

  • contact information of the applicant;
  • contact information of the minor;
  • contact information of the legal representative of the minor;
  • the minor`s date of birth, age and details of the obligation to attend school;
  • conditions of work to be offered to the minor, incl.: the duration of employment, working hours, wages, place of work;
  • duties, work-related risks and measures taken to protect the safety and health of the minor