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Small shops need to pay more attention to their employees’ health

In summer months, especially during holidays and major events, the workload of small rural shops increases. The Labour Inspectorate checked the work load of the staff in the period where there are more goods and clients than normally. Inspectors checked the placement and removal of goods, condition of passageways, measured the temperature of workplaces, and observed the knowledgeability of staff about safe working methods. According to Maret Maripuu, General Director of the Labour Inspectorate, the situation in small shops is fairly satisfactory. However, the medical checks and the use of...

Labour dispute committees are celebrating 20 years in operation

On September 1, 1996, the Individual Labour Dispute Resolution Act entered into force, prescribing a quicker and easier method for settling labour disputes – by labour dispute committees. Today, the labour dispute committees have been settling the disputes of Estonian employees and employers for 20 years. The labour dispute committees receive 3,000-5,000 applications every year; during the recession, the number of disputes doubled. Employees mainly turn to the labour dispute committee to collect unpaid wages or final settlements. Employers mostly contact the committee to receive compensation...

In the first half of this year, 2,422 occupational accidents were registered in Estonia.

In these first 6 months, 2,802 workplace accidents occurred in Estonia, 2,422 of them qualifying as occupational accidents and the rest being either still investigated or not occupational accidents. So, adding the current year’s cases to the cases still being clarified, the result is that the number of occupational accidents has grown by ca 100 compared with the same period last year. More than 470 of the occupational accidents ended with severe and more than 1,900 with minor injuries. 20 reports were received of fatal accidents at work; 11 were classified as occupational accidents, the...

This year, the national holidays of Victory Day and Midsummer Day fall on weekdays. The working day (June 22) preceding Victory Day (June 23) is shortened by three hours.

Employers must shorten the working day preceding June 23 by three hours. If it is not possible to shorten the working day due to a given company’s area of activity, the employer must reach an agreement with its employees to work their usual hours on the day preceding the national holiday. In terms of rota-based work, this means that upon preparing employee rotas, the employer must gain its employees’ OK to working their usual hours on a shortened workday. If an employee does not agree to work a full day on the day preceding the holiday, the employer does not have the right to force the...

Labour Inspectorate launches a targeted inspection of small retail outlets all over Estonia until the end of July.

Labour Inspectorate launches a targeted inspection of small retail outlets all over Estonia until the end of July. Labour inspectors will focus on small shops in various resort areas in Estonia where the number of patrons soars during summer months. The aim of the targeted inspection is to draw employers’ attention to the working conditions of the staff of small shops in connection with the added work load in summer. According to the Deputy General Director of the Labour Inspectorate, Apo Oja, the work load of sales staff at rural shops increases during summer, which affects their working...

Labour Inspectorate: The condition of tools needs to be constantly inspected in the metal industry

The Labour Inspectorate carried out a targeted inspection in 31 metalworking companies. Sixty-three irregularities were identified. There are significant risks to the health of workers in the metal industry. Last year, two workers were killed in accidents at work in the metal industry. Labour inspectors checked 31 companies. In eight of them, no irregularities were detected. However, in 23 companies 63 irregularities were found. Lifting equipment did not meet the requirements, there were no devices ensuring the safety of tools or if there were, their condition had not been inspected. In...

Labour Inspectorate collects the best practices!

The Labour Inspectorate is collecting the best practices related to the work environment, i.e., the good practices of organisations that contribute to the welfare and safety of employees more than prescribed by law.     Such best practices also set an example to other organisations that want to improve their work environment but are looking out for inspiration.     We wait for success stories from all organisations that wish to share their experience. If you have introduced innovative practices in your company to ensure the safety, health and welfare of...

Narva office of the Labour Inspectorate open on two days a week

Since April, the Narva office of the Labour Inspectorate is open on two days a week instead of one.  The hours have also changed. Reception in the Narva office will be on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and again from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The office of the Labour Inspectorate in Narva is at Malmi 5A.     On workdays, from 9 a.m. to 4.30, the office may be called at 640 6000 to consult the lawyer on issues related to employment relations and the work environment. E-mails with questions may be sent to All letters will be answered at the earliest...