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The Labour Inspectorate is returning to its regular organisation of work

The Labour Inspectorate has continued to operate in a limited extent throughout the entire emergency situation. From 18 May, the regular organisation of work will resume, with the exception of consultations still not being provided in the offices.

The Labour Inspectorate continued to advise parties of employment relationships throughout the entire emergency situation. The number of calls multiplied and during the first three weeks of the emergency situation, seven times more calls were made to the consultation line than usual. The number of calls has now stabilised, but there are still twice as many calls as there were before the emergency situation. The number of received emails, which also increased for a while, has also normalised. Most questions concern the reduction of wages, unreceived final settlements, and redundancies. In the last week, there were more questions about terminations in connection with employer violations. 

While it is still not possible to come to the offices of the Labour Inspectorate to meet with a counselling lawyer, you are more than welcome to call us at 640 6000 and write to

The supervision has been gradually resumed and is returning to regular volumes. During the emergency situation, supervision was mostly performed as surveillance and by responding to tip-offs. 

The meetings of the Labour Dispute Committees resumed in April. We now provide the option of holding the meetings of the Labour Dispute Committees virtually. The first sessions held via a video bridge have already taken place. 

The Tööelu portal offers advice on creating a good working environment. The portal provides guidelines to follow when returning to work at You can also invite a Labour Inspectorate consultant to your company, who can give on-the-spot recommendations on making the working environment safe and protecting the health of your employees. To invite a consultant, please send an email to or call 640 6000. The service is free of charge for employers.