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The Labour Inspectorate gives advice on how to organise work in a safer way

The Labour Inspectorate’s hotline, 640 6000, is open to all employees and employers who have questions about making the working environment safer against the coronavirus.

The number of calls to the Labour Inspectorate’s hotline has increased several times in recent days. Most questions are about employment relationships during the emergency situation. Answers to frequently asked questions are available at

There are also many concerns about the working environment. We encourage employers to contact us if you need advice on how to make your working environment safer against the virus so that regular workplace safety would not be compromised. We remind you that this is a consultation, not a working environment inspection. We want to advise you on keeping the working environment safe and maintaining the health of your employees. Employees are also welcome to ask questions about how they themselves can contribute to a safer working environment.

The Labour Inspectorate can be contacted by calling 640 6000 or by sending an e-mail to