Recruitment of a minor

In order to enter into an employment contract with a minor of 7–14 years of age, the employer must apply for consent from the labour inspector(Employment Contracts Act § 8).
In the application the employer indicates information about the working conditions of the minor, including the minor’s place of work and duties, age and whether the minor is subject to the obligation to attend school.
If the labour inspector verifies that the work is not prohibited for the minor and the minor's working conditions are in accordance with the requirements provided by law and the minor wishes to do the work, the labour inspector grants the employer the consent.
If, in ascertaining the will of a minor of 7–12 years of age, the labour inspector has reasonable doubt that the minor is not expressing his or her true will in the presence of the legal representative, the labour inspector ascertains the will of the minor in the presence of the minor and a local child protection official.
An employer is prohibited from allowing a minor to work without the consent or approval of a legal representative.
An expression of will, made by a minor for entry into an employment contract without the consent of a legal representative is void, unless the legal representative subsequently approves the expression of will. The legal representative of a minor may not consent to the employment during the school holiday of a minor subject to the obligation to attend school for more than a half of each term of the school holiday. An employment contract which has been entered into with a minor without the consent of the legal representative is void.