Filing of an Application

An employer is required to submit an application for consent to recruit a minor in person or send it by email. The application is signed by a competent person. If the application is sent by email, it must be digitally signed. Consent must be sought before the statutory act (before the start of work of a minor, release from service).

Content of an Application

In the application the circumstances of granting the consent are explained, references to the law  are made and the request is formulated.

The application must contain the following information:

1. The applicant's contact information;

2. The contact information of the minor, who wishes to enter into a contract of employment;

3. The contact information of the legal representative of the minor;

4. The date of birth and age of the minor and details of the obligation to attend school;

5. working conditions offered to the minor, including: data on the duration of the employment, working hours, wages, place of work, official duties, work-related risks and measures taken to protect the health and safety of the minor.

In the cases directly provided by law, the opinion of the organization representing employees or the person is noted in the application or attached to the document. A labour inspector has the right to request for additional documents or information relevant to the case.

Proceeding of an Application

The labour inspector ascertains whether the application contains all the information necessary for proceeding of the application. The labour inspector has the right to check the circumstances of the request, receive relevant information from employees, the organisation  or the person representing employees. The labour inspector takes into account the opinion of the person or organization representing employees equally with other circumstances..

The labour inspector takes a decision to grant or refuse to grant consent within 10 working days of the date of filing of the application. If the decision cannot be given within the time limit, the employer is informed of it without delay.

The Labour Inspector`s Decision

The labour inspector takes a decision in writing, showing:
• reference to the corresponding provision of the content of the application;
• circumstances for granting a consent or the lack of them;
• circumstances and motives for taking the decision;
• resolution for granting or refusal of consent.
The decision is given to the employer against signature, is sent by mail to the address or email.

Contestation of a Decision

An employer who does not agree with the decision, may file  a challenge with the Director General of the Labour Inspectorate within 30 calendar days of the date of notification of the decision. The challenge is resolved within 10 calendar days, in case of justified reasons, the time limit may be extended to 30 calendar days.