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Inspection Activity

The Labour Inspectorate performs state supervision over compliance with requirements of legislation regulating health and safety at work.
Supervision is exercised by different inspection activities, the main of which are general, target or follow-up inspection.


General Inspection

In the course of a general inspection visit, compliance with legal acts regulating occupational health and safety and organisation of working and rest time is monitored. The main focus is assessment of work environment situation of the enterprise and the employer’s activity in organising work environment activity.

The aim of inspection is to ensure safer working conditions, obtaining information how enterprises comply with obligatory legal acts and resulting from the controls, working environment situation as a whole in the Republic is analysed.


Target Inspection

In the course of a target inspection visit compliance with requirements of some specific legal acts is monitored. Some narrower sector is focused on at an enterprise with one or different fields of activity. A target inspection visit can also be motivated by information submitted to the Labour Inspectorate on non-compliance with occupational health and safety requirements, diagnosing work-related diseases, occurrence of an accident at work or hazardous work.


Follow-up Inspection

In the course of a follow-up inspection, elimination of earlier detected infringements is monitored at the enterprise.


Inspection of New and Reconstructed Buildings

In the course of inspection of a new or reconstructed building the conformity of work environment with the requirements of health and safety at work is monitored. Such inspections are carried out at the request of a local government and in cases when the employer has notified the Labour Inspectorate of commencement of activities or change of the field of activity.


One of the responsibilities of the Labour Inspectorate is to carry out market supervision of personal protective equipment to be supplied. During the inspection, compliance of personal protective equipment with requirements is checked with the aim to prevent placing on the market and taking into use of unsuitable personal protective equipment.


The Occupational Health and Safety Act gives several rights to labour inspectors for carrying out supervision, including the right to enter the work place to be inspected with the aim to perform inspection activity there (if necessary also unannounced), get information necessary for inspection, examine pertinent documents, get copies of them free of charge or have them made on the spot and in case of suspicion of misdemeanour, take documents along, require audit measurements of the working environment, take pictures and samples of materials and substances to be analysed, interview the employer, work environment representative, work environment specialist and workers alone or in the presence of witnesses and issue a notice with the purpose to terminate the infringement of requirements of legal acts, eliminate consequences of the infringements.

Although the list of a labour inspector’s rights is extensive, our aim is first and foremost to assist employers to direct their activities towards establishing a safer and healthier work environment.