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Good working environment on an innovative labour market 2018

Good working environment on an innovative labour market

On Tuesday, 6 November, the international conference ‘Good working environment on an innovative labour market’ was held in Tallinn. Specialists from all over the world as well as representatives of employees, employers, and the state engaged in a debate over the changes. Winners of the competition ‘Good Working Environment 2018’ were also announced at the conference.

The conference was opened by Maret Maripuu, Director General of the Labour Inspectorate, Jüri Ratas, the Prime Minister of Estonia, and Sven Sester, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee. Professor Raul Eamets from the University of Tartu made a presentation on the ever-changing labour market. Professor Dr Sacha Garben from the College of Europe spoke of his experience with the current innovative labour market and future challenges. Dr Kai Seiler from the Institute for Work Design of North Rhine-Westphalia spoke of adapting a work place to the expectations of workers. Meeli Miidla-Vanatalu, the Deputy Director General of the Labour Inspectorate, focused on organising work time and using remote work as a motivator. Britt-Kathleen Mere and Mona Lii Konnapere, media interns from Postimees, gave an overview on young people’s expectations on working and work conditions.

Personal experiences were shared on innovative labour market, occupational stress, and making choices. The issue of various requirements that an innovative work environment puts on all parties was debated by Peep Peterson, Chairman of the Estonian Trade Union Confederation, Mait Palts, director general of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eiki Nestor, Chairman of Riigikogu, and Kaja Kallas, Chairwoman of the Reform Party. At the end of the conference, Riina Sikkut, the Minister of Health and Labour, awarded the winners of the ‘Good Working Environment 2018’ competition.

The international conference was held in honour of the 100th anniversary of the Labour Inspectorate. The conference was held at the Nordic Hotel Forum in Tallinn.