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The International Conference on Safety and Health at Work 2015

Occupational safety and health: annoying obligation or part of the economy?

An international occupational safety and health conference was held from 21 to 22 October in Tallinn where issues related to occupational safety, the maintenance of occupational health and an ageing workforce were discussed. In addition, the contribution of companies who value occupational safety and the health of their employees was acknowledged at the conference.

There was also a discussion on whether Europe is ready to take into account the changes deriving from an ageing workforce. Under the direction of experts, the importance of preventive occupational safety and health and ways to improve them were covered. It was also brought up whether health-promoting workplaces are possible in practice and what would encourage companies to pay closer attention to safety and health-promoting work.

200 people from Estonian companies participated in the conference. The conference was funded by the European Social Fund.