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Award for a good working environment

Each year, the Labour Inspectorate acknowledges the achievements of businesses in developing a good working environment. The award is granted in two categories: to a company with less than 50 employees and to a company with more than 50 employees.
With this award, the Labour Inspectorate wishes to give a high profile to companies that value a working environment that is sustainable to the employees’ health and safe working practices. Employers that value safe working are very aware of risks, have integrated the risk analysis in the work process, the risks affecting the health of employees are continuously assessed and they are managed rapidly and effectively. Employees of such companies are involved in the evaluation of risks present in the working environment and are thoroughly instructed before taking up the job. The employer is serious about the use of personal protection equipment, sets an example on compliance with safety requirements and demands that the employees do same. In terms of general development of safety culture, we also consider it important that the company/organisation presents to the Labour Inspectorate the best practices in the domain of health and safety at work which other organisations can take as an example in developing their working environment.
Companies are assessed on the basis of the working environment results of the past three years based on the information in the database of the Labour Inspectorate and the assessment sheets prepared by labour inspectors during supervisory proceedings. The working environment of companies produced by the computer is visited by the consultants before a company is nominated as a recipient of the good working environment prize, who give assurance that the company is fit to receive the prize.



The sample is comprised of: 

  1. Companies that have been visited by a labour inspector in the past three years.
  2. Companies that have risk analysis in place.
  3. Companies whose employees have not been diagnosed with occupational diseases or work related illnesses in the past three years.
  4. Companies with more than 50 employees that have submitted the working environment report.
  5. Companies that have a working environment specialist.
  6. Companies with less than 50 and more than 10 workers that have a working environment representative.

The sample does not cover: 

  1. Companies where the risk factors or the employer’s activities have received the assessment “poor” or “rather poor” from the labour inspector in the past three years.
  2. Companies that have had serious or fatal accidents at work in the past three years.
  3. Companies that have been imposed a fine in connection with the working environment in the past three years.
  4. Companies where the penalty payment has been enforced in the past three years.
  5. Companies where the claims brought by employees before the labour dispute committee have been granted or granted in part.
  6. Companies where working has been suspended due to irregularities in the past three years.

Winners of the Good Working Environment in 2016

  • Small company AS Saku Metall
  • Large company AS Harju Elekter Teletehnika

Winners of the Good Working Environment in 2015

  • Small company Crystalsol OÜ

  • Large company AS Tallinna Vesi


It is not possible to nominate yourself for the prize. Assessments are made on the basis of materials that are at the disposal of the Labour Inspectorate. A committee formed by the general director of the Labour Inspectorate makes the decision on the basis of information from the databases of the Labour Inspectorate. The nominee companies are visited by consultants of the Labour Inspectorate.

Award for a good working environment is supported by the European Social Fund.