State supervision

State supervision over compliance with the requirements of Working conditions of workers posted in Estonia Act (Eestisse lähetatud töötajate töötingimuste seadus) is in the competence of the Labour Inspectorate.

Supervision is exercised under the conditions and pursuant to the procedure provided for in the Occupational Health and Safety Act (töötervishoiu ja tööohutuse seadus).

In Estonia, the contact agency of posted workers is the Labour Inspectorate

Information on legislation applicable in accordance with the Directive 96/71/EU

Ms Liis Naaber-Kalm 

Chief Lawyer
Labour Relations Department

Labour Inspectorate
Mäealuse 2/2 (B-hoone), 12618 Tallinn
phone +372 5309 3920 
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Employers are obligated to register its workers posted to Estonia in the Labour Inspectorate of Estonia electronically by sending the e-mail to the address: posting|ät|

Information about social insurance on the website of the Estonian National Social Insurance Board

Information about health insurance on the website of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund

Information about tax issues on the webside of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board

Recommendations to workers is available on the EURES websites and

More detailed information about the regulations concerning terms and conditions of employment of posted workers can be found from the contact agency of posted workers of the country of destination:

Settlement of disputes

In case of a dispute, a posted worker has the right of recourse to a labour dispute resolution body of the Republic of Estonia, or if the relevant right arises from an international agreement to a labour dispute resolution body of the foreign state, for the protection of his or her rights. The limitation period for claims arising from this Working Conditions of Employees Posted to Estonia Act is four months, and in the case of wage claims three years, from the day following that on which the posted worker became aware or should have become aware of the violation of their rights.

A posted worker has also the right of recourse to a court of the Republic of Estonia.

Practice guide regarding European jurisdiction and applicable law: